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ASIAN HONDA offers great opportunity for those seeking competitive welfare and benefits, career prospects and pleasant working environment.
Benefits and Welfare
Training Opportunities
Corporate Social Resposibility
• Provident fund
• Medical treatment
• Life and accident insurance
• Annual physical check-up
• Special price of company products
• Compassionate allowance
• Special loan
• Education allowance for children
• Long year service award
• Language allowance
• Leave for special occasions e.g. wedding etc.
• Etc.

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Basically we provide both in-house training and public training for associates in all level.
For In-house training, we implement with all associates adapted from Honda Motor Co., Ltd. Course out-line for associates.

1. Genba training

Genba is a Japanese Term mean at actual. Refer to three reality principle: go to the actual place, know the actual situation and be realistic. This training course will provide the opportunities for actual experience in both production line and sales area. Also provide the chance for meet new friends among Honda group companies in Thailand.

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2. NH – Circle (Quality activity)

Now! New Next Honda Circle Activity
Associates will be taught how to make move the countermeasure into circle with all PDCA circle. Also provide
a chance to meet and exchange this activities with Honda’s associates in other countries.
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Corporate Social Resposibility
Honda believes its value to society is best measured by how responsibly we develop, manufacture, and sell our products, how well we promote their safe usage, how efficiently we mitigate their impact upon the global environment and how effectively we contribute to the betterment of global society as a whole, for this and future generations.

Guiding all our actions toward the achievement of these goals is a corporate philosophy based upon respect for the individual and “The Tree Joys” – of buying, selling and creating.

In addition to our product-related corporate responsibilities, particularly the environmental impact of our product and their safe usage, Honda contributes to the communities in which we live and work through a wide range of corporate social contribution broadly categorized into environmental, safety, educational and humanitarian activities for instance the “Honda Green School” - School Environmental Challenge Awards Project, “Honda ASIMO Super Idea Contest”, “Honda 31 Legs united race”, and “Honda Thailand Foundation”

Honda green school
Honda Thailand Foundation's Reforestation activity

For details of Honda social activity projects, please go to

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