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Asian Honda Motor Co., Ltd welcomes you to be a part of our team and share our success together.

Just click on the details of the current job openings and if you are interested in any position you can click on "Application Form" to fill in your personal profile and work experience in order to send it to us. Those of you who meet our requirements will be contacted.

Vacancies at Asian Honda Motor Co., Ltd.    10 position(s) are currently required
 No.PositionsLocationPosted Date
1 IT – DEPARTMENT MANAGER (SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT)  (Urgent!) Sarasin Building, Silom27-05-2016
2 EXPORT SALE STAFF  (Urgent!) Ladkrabang Industrial Estate (At TH)26-12-2017
3 PARTS PRICING ENGINEER STAFF  (Urgent!) APC (Wellgrow Industrial Estate), Bangna KM.3616-08-2017
4 IT - SYSTEM ANALYST (STAFF)  (Urgent!) Sarasin Building, Silom01-04-2018
5 IT – DEPARTMENT MANAGER (TECHNOLOGY & SECURITY)  (Urgent!) Sarasin Building, Silom30-01-2018
6 ACCOUNTING & FINANCE  (Urgent!) Sarasin Building, Silom03-08-2018
7 LEGAL STAFF Sarasin Building, Silom25-07-2018
8 LOGISTICS PLANNING APC (Wellgrow Industrial Estate), Bangna KM.3625-07-2018
9 SAFETY OFFICER  (Urgent!) APC (Wellgrow Industrial Estate), Bangna KM.3625-07-2018
10 FINANCE & BUDGET DEPARTMENT MANAGER Sarasin Building, Silom25-07-2018

More enquiries please contact:

  Human Resources Department

Asian Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
14 Sarasin Building,
Surasak Road, Silom, Bangrak,
Bangkok 10500 Thailand

Tel: 022360256

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